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Happy New Year 2019

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

It's a new year!!yayyy!!

And I don't know about you but I am ready to make 2019 epic. #happynewyear2019

Is 2019 the year you decide to go bigger in your life goals with great intentions?

I started my new year doing bridal henna for a dear friend of mine and starting my Yoga Teacher Training Program. I am super excited where this new path will lead me but am just enjoying the journey of learning and transformation. #bridalhenna

Dear Henna Lover,

You are a great motivation to help me keep moving. Thank you for all your love, support and encouragement #hennalover #gratitude

I am so excited to announce my upcoming offers and events. Please check my FaceBook page to sign up or confirm via email or text. Or just send an email to say Hi. I'd love to hear from you :) Besides taking booking for private parties and individual henna time, below are my current offerings. #hennaparty

January-February 2019

I. Henna model call (only 2 available) - 50% off - I am offering $80 hourly henna for $40. One hour can get you good art piece on arm, back, chest or leg. #hennapractice #hennamodels

You can get a beautiful symbolic art to mark new beginnings in 2019 or get Love-Henna for Valentine’s Day #lovehenna

Time required: 1-2 hrs

Cost: $40

Preferred day: weekday

Location: my home studio in Emmaus

Henna care requirements: will share when the appointment is confirmed

Commitment: take care of henna as recommended and agree to take pictures of henna stain next day and share it with me.

II. Practice Henna cones and aftercare balm: Want to learn and practice your henna skills? or want to use henna for fun or as calming therapy? You can get your henna cones mixed with best henna powder and high grade essential oils for dark stain.


Goddess Circles (these are one of a kind sessions in Lehigh Valley) #goddesscircle #goddesscirlcelv #lehigvalley #lehighvalleyhenna

Thursday, Feb 7th: Goddess Aphrodite Circle (Love) @ Amber Connection (Emmaus)

(6.30 PM) ($20)

Thursday, April 4th: Goddess Saraswati Circle (Art/creativity) @Amber Connection

(6.30 PM) ($25)

What is a goddess circle? It can mean a bunch of different things, but essentially it’s having an awesome pack of positive, shining, confident, rock star women (a.k.a goddesses) in your life. It’s a safe space, to celebrate, nurture, and support each other on this roller coaster of life.

Why you should have Goddess Circle in you life? It’s time to open your heart, your mind, your soul… to others. It’s time to receive love from the feminine divine and remind ourselves for what divine energies we hold in ourselves.

What to expect at these circles?

Each session is dedicated to one Goddess from different cultures (Hindu, Greek Culture, Southeast Asia)

Share and learn Goddess energies through storytelling, reflections and creative fun activities

Do & learn creative art activities - like Henna art, movement therapy, rangoli art etc

A special customized meaningful gift(s) for everyone

Get Henna art (optional)

Contact me - I love hearing from you!

Stay warm and be safe this winter!!

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