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Goddess Talk on Radio (March' 2020)

🧘‍♀️What an honor to be on podcast to talk about somany powerful goddesses and how their stories, symbolism and Divine Feminine Energies can inspire us to become Our Highest Best Authentic Selves.


_ 😘🙏🥰Thank you @wgpasunny1100 WGPA SUNNY 1100 AMAnd @ericamarkeichlin EricaMark Eichlin@pereiraraya .

🧘‍♀️If you wish to listen go to @wgpasunny1100 website > Menu > Podcast > 3/12/2020 Fresh Start to Healthy Life. (Swipe right to See the screen shots )

. . (I was bit nervous in the beginning but I guess I did okay later) 🙏🥰

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