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Year In Review - Journaling

Year in Review

December 2019

It’s important to take some time to celebrate all your wins, appreciate your

progress, draw learnings before setting your goals for the upcoming year

Choice: **You could choose to do this review as a decade or just one year 2019

Get your journal, fun pens, music, candle, oracle cards or anything that would make

this journaling time more enjoyable and creative for you.

You could do this as an individual or with your spouse or kids or as a family.

So let’s get started!

1. My Achievements and Success

● List all your successes (big/small) that you are proud of.

● What challenges you overcame

● What results you’ve created in your career or life since 2010

**Circle the most important wins and why is it important (you may list why)

2. My Learnings

● What have I learnt from last 10years? Or last year

● What mistakes did I make and what have I learned from them

**Circle what lessons you want to carry forward into next year

3. My Emotions (we connect our emotions to all our situation (any ups or downs)

● What were overall emotions/feelings you remember your last year?

**Circle which emotions you’d like to feel or live in that vibrancy more next year

Vision 2020 -

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