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Essential oils have subtle but lasting affect on you if you inhale, apply topically or ingest. They are chemically proven and used from ancient times

All herbs, plants and spices have very special purpose that can help heal our problem


Select a blend for your ailment and I custom create a blend just for you and fill it in a fancy roll-on bottle which I handcraft a meaningful design on it



* How to use will be shared based on your selection

* Rollon blends are  for topical use ONLY

** Reiki infused crystals can be added for extra $3

*** Other special unlisted ailments - blends for bone health, pregrnancy, and for other rare oils - Please email for price.




1. Sleep

2. Self Affirmation

3. Motivate

4. Calm

5. Passion

6. Balance 

7. Meditation

8. Immunity

9.  Renew and Restore

10. Body aches

Special Rollon Blends

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