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Your chakra mug or Goddess / Yoga can be paired with a grounding, calming, or a fiery tea blend made especially by Ms Charlotte Kennedy - an amazing and kind local tea crafter in Lehigh valley

Choose your blend from the picture
You can mix match the tea and mug 

Just send a special  note in your order or email us for special introductions

Chakra mug $35
Yoga and goddess mug $38
Tea - $5 

🙏🥰 Hand painted Chakra mug

Select color 
Red- Root chakra  
Orange - Sacral Chakra
Yellow -Solar plexus chakra 
Green - Heartchakra  
Blue - Throat Chakra
Purple - Third eye chakra
Silver / white / pink/ gold/ - crown chakra

Chakra Coffee Mug

Chakra Mug
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