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Owning Your Inner Goddess
Owning Your Inner Goddess
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Tree Of Life Shoppe LLC,
392 W Apple St Suite 3, Ringtown, PA 17967, USA

What is a Goddess Circle?

A Goddess Circle is a safe space for women to celebrate, nurture, and support each other on this roller-coaster of life.

What to expect at these circles?

  • Each session will be dedicated to one Goddess chosen from different cultures (Hindu, Greek, Middle eastern to Southeast Asia and more)

  • Share and learn about feminine energies through storytelling, reflections, creative and fun activities

  • Participate in creative art activities - such as Henna art, movement therapy, Rangoli art and more

  • Everyone will receive a special custom and personalized gift as a symbol and reminder of given feminine energy of a given Goddess


My Mantra: Surround yourselves with women that cheer you up & celebrate your achievements. Gather those goddesses who illuminate your path.

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