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Mandala Henna

Henna Art is perfect for any occasion.

Birthday parties, Weddings, Belly Blessing, Corporate events and more


Henna art / Henna Tattoos has been used as body art for over 5000 years in various cultures all over the World.  It is part of many celebration for good luck, prosperity and as a blessing.


The henna plant is grown in the arid climates of North Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Henna leaves contain a pigment called Lawsone which combines with proteins in the skin to cause staining. because of the staining quality. Henna has been used through out the ages to dye organic matters like hair, nails, skin and fabric.  


Henna Chakra offers a wide range of services - from henna for the individuals, to a business or parent wanting to host a henna party for their employees, customers, or children; or an expectant mother who would like for her belly and unborn child to be blessed with henna.

There is henna art for anyone or any occasion!

Reach out Sophie via email/text (Henna Tattoo Artist  and Yoga Instructor) for any questions!

Henna Booth


Henna Chakra is available for henna services all over the Lehigh Valley area, Pennsylvania. 


You can find us at art festivals, grand openings, yoga events, and at our women's workshops.


View our gallery to see sample henna designs. A design book is provided on-site, come prepared with your own idea in mind, or we can create a unique design just for you.